You are viewing the weighing news HIWEIGH's New range of K9T IP68 & IP69K Scales at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

HIWEIGH's New range of K9T IP68 & IP69K Scales

HiWeigh (China) – Press Release: HiWEIGH has arrived with its new range of K9T IP68 & IP69K Scales to meet the robust and hygienic weighing needs of your industry. Made of stainless steel, these scales boast a washdown and easy to clean design.

With overload protection, customisation option, and robust indicator, our scales can weigh up to 150kg.

In addition, IP68 & IP69 ratings protect these scales against dust & water ingression and rough handling.

OIML load cells ensure they offer accurate weighing measurement results and raise the efficiency of your weighing operations.

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Original source: HIWEIGH's New chain of mountains of K9T IP68 & IP69K Scales.
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