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NEXIA™ Remote Diagnostics - The future for Weighbridge Predictive Maintenance by Weightron Bilanciai

Weightron Bilanciai Ltd (United Kingdom) – Press Release: NEXIA™ Remote diagnostics. The future for Weighbridge Predictive Maintenance.

If you've previously had issues with your weighbridge and are left wondering when or if it might encounter a fault, then you'll be pleased to know that at Weightron, we have new NEXIA™ technology to help.

Our Remote Diagnostics are developed through NEXIA™ and use cloud technology. We're offering this brand new tool to help enhance our support packages for all scale owners and operators. Through this revolutionary new technology, our support team can get real-time notifications for any issues with your weighbridge, as well as a live status update function to monitor essential components of a scale or weighbridge. This information is available remotely and can be configured so that larger operators can have a level of controlled access to their own equipment on site.

This new NEXIA™ technology will help to minimise any downtime by reporting any hardware faults or by isolating them. This system will also deliver suggestions for remedying any issues, allowing you to keep your equipment in operation for longer and reducing your repair costs. Technicians can visit with all the information, prepared to tackle the outage as they will have visibility into your scale remotely.

This technology is:

  • Ideal for both single and multi-site installations
  • Suitable for any weighbridge with digital load cells, ethernet or GSM connection
  • Suitable for any scales with ethernet or GSM connection
  • Suitable for upgrading existing analogue weighbridges when fitted with our Emula digital junction box

From anywhere in the UK, our engineers can log in and view how your scales and weighbridge are operating. It's a 24/7 capability delivering comprehensive data via a secure connection.

This system allows for the following:

Data Analytics:

  • 54 points of data transferred and converted to usable scale information
  • Loadcell data – Temperature – Calibration data – Serial number – Supply Voltages – Internal Voltages – Live weight readings – Inclination – Software release
  • Terminal Data – All errors messages generated (temporary or permanent) CPU and scale card performance – Software release – Metrological data
  • Components changed and registration of changes

Alert System Benefits:

  • Preventative alerts prior to scale outage
  • Automated scale outage notifications
  • Abuse and overload monitoring alerts
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Analysis of trends to optimise throughput and efficiency
  • Identify unusual activity within a fleet of weighbridges and scales

Troubleshooting Benefits:

  • Arrive prepared with the proper equipment and reduce critical downtime
  • Quickly isolate and repair faulty hardware
  • Recommended break/fix solutions

This new NEXIA™ technology allows for real-time oversight and swift response to weighbridge and scale issues, giving engineers the information they need before they arrive. Downtime to your operations is minimised as the right parts can be sourced ahead of a visit and the weight calibration truck can also be made available. With the data available, we can also help to create an optimised service schedule for your weighbridges and scales on an individual basis.

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